I am an artist and a researcher in Arts and Politics.
   I first studied Art History, Contemporary Art and Archeology in  
   Evreux and Bordeaux (with Pr Jacques des Courtils and Pr Arnaud
   Pierre). Then I studied digital fabrication at theFab Academy under  
   Neil Gershenfeld’s and Anna Kaziunas France’s direction in 2012  
   (Center for Bits and Atoms / MIT, USA) at AS220 Fablab in
   Providence (USA).
   I recently joined SPEAP, the Experimental Master in Arts and
   Politics for young professionals headed by french philosopher and
   sociologist Bruno Latour and Director valérie Pihet in Sciences Po
   Paris (2012-2013).
I constantly develop multidisciplinary practices to fit my paradigm of an object oriented art pattern through a problem solving approach, including painting, video art design, digital art and digital fabrication, computer art, installations and objects production, and photography.
 Focused on experimenting transversality between art and epistemology through topics related to political, environmental, economical, sociological and philosophical representations, I define myself as an Art Methodologist. 
This positioning reflects my vision of the artist’s responsibility to continue to move freely in the field of representations – here regarded as solid materials – to perform structural changes, as well as to provide knowledge on the current Epistémès. I now run the new Critical Company LATERAL DYNAMICS, composed of experts from the art fields to respond to institutional and private commands.
Feel free to contact me for any command or collaboration at romaindivozzo@hotmail.com.