romain di vozzo / video



Holbach was answering the demand of a group of austrian scientists who were wondering how the matter would look like under the scale of a nanometer... This definitely was a topic I wanted to work on and I started by bringing on the same table deep ecology representations, philosophical materialism knowledges and M-Theory fragments. And it became really exciting. Very exciting actually. Each string of the frame on this video is a sort of "in motion pierre de rosette" where bits and atoms meet to incarnate our épistèmé under the shape of a bio-design.

The video [POL] is part of Bruno Latour's Inquiry into Modes of Existence (eponym book). This experiment took place in May 23rd 2013 at Sciences Po Paris with Jean-Louis Missika who kindly accepted Latour's invitation to successively talk as a politician and as semiologist. Between the semiotical schemes of "triangulation" and "polytopie", a phenomenology of politics emerges straight away from the experiment. This time, I was in charge of filming and editing the video for the AIME platform, and I've chosen a quite radical way to perform this job by focusing on the saliences which emerged from Missika's talk. I wanted to give a space to facts and expose what is usually behind the curtain of politics: the discursive strategies through the use of different rhetorical regimes, the mastering of figures of speech, etc. B.L and I worked together to precisely gauge the material we had collected during the experiment so as to feed the idea of a "political circle" being endlessly materialized and de-materialized by political speeches and actions. This small video titled "se faire élire" - getting yourself elected - opens the toolbox used by politicians to stabilize their programs and to win elections. It is an interesting demonstration for anyone who understands that the "political circle" is a space where experimentation must happen, and that politics can be reduced to a simple management of things only to the condition of a structural impoverishment.