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Projet KRACK
Technical File of the project from the AMJE – ENSAM-Paris-Tech available at :
Bordeaux-AMJE Intranet communication related to the Krack project :

Projet RDH

For The Rockefellerian Design Hypothesis’s statement (in french), please visit :
More material at :
Publication in the < Katalog D(e)L)’ Intelligence Humaine N°3 >. Press kit at :
Link toward an Ultra Black painting without carbon nanotubes at Analytical Science Group,                                                               National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex, UK (Thanks to Pr Richard. J. C. Brown) :
1_The Rockefellerian Design Hypothesis. Installation <Peak Oil Octopus>. 3D and 2D layers/plans by r.d.v.

Les pieuvres flatten 8bit

Les tubes flatten 8bit

2_The Rockefellerian Design Hypothesis.
On the left : An inflated Peak Oil graph, a Beta version of the <Peak Oil Calendar> tubular installation with its oil history timeline and a picture of a bottle containing brent from the Prestige oil spill.
On the right : The futurologic tubular Installation <Peal Oil Calendar> with its complete history timeline from 1859 to 2037. Gray version + Ultra Black painting including carbon nanotubes (light absorption near 99,99 %). Size : about 200cm x 2oocm x 5cm. 2D plans by r.d.v.
3_The Rockefellerian Design Hypothesis (RDH). Video essai (french version – HDR). 3D in motion by r.v.d.

HDR (RDH french version)

4_1904 caricature from cartoonist Udo J. Keppler denouncing monopoly of John.D.Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. Deeply inspiring.

capture pieuvre cinema 4d

5_The Rockefellerian Design Hypothesis. The <Peak Oil Octopus> in progress by r.d.v.
Projet Environmental Crime Scene Do Not Cross
To watch the complete folder of Environmental Crime Scene Do Not Cross Protocol, please visit :
For technical informations (Carbon footprint, plans, production costs, etc.), please see the report produced by the Bordeaux 1 Institute of Mechanical Engineering :
1_Environmental crime scene tapes (Industrial version)

2_2 meters long barrier tape fragment (Industrial version)

3_Environmental crime scene tapes (Industrial version)

4_ECSDNC PRINTER assembly plans (DIY_FABLAB version)

5_ECSDNC PRINTER assembly plans (DIY_FABLAB version)

6_ECSDNC PRINTER assembly plans (DIY_FABLAB version)