Python [1] – Python script.

This project aims to restitute an ethnomethodological study of work (Ethnomethodological Studies of Work – Harold Garfinkel – 1986) using the programing software Python. Python is also an « Object Oriented Programing Language ». It’s a script language and a command interpreter. I used it as an interface to make a art performance from the results of an ethnomethodological inquiry.
The core of this transcription comes from the observations I made on the working context of one of my colleagues from Sciences-Po Paris. Here, Python is considered as a natural language like any other. Python is exaptive because I used it in an unconventional way and for another purpose than the one it was created for. Some people might say it’s true, some others might say it makes no sense to say that… But this is not the point.
For this project I was more interested in the Method (Like I always do) and the process I could use to incarnate the objects of my observations. I had to type this whole transcription without making a single mistake because I didn’t want red error lines to appear on my page because it could be perceived as a violent sign towards my future audience. Red error lines can represent a pretty high level of toxicity.
Composing this sheet and composing a painting, would be the same to me. There are the permitted colors and shapes, and the forbidden ones by common communication rules, and this field of tensions that went through my body while I was working have extended the physical limits of my own perceptions into the Oriented Object Programing Language named « Python ».
This work was a response to an assigment from Bruno Latour within the context of SPEAP (Art & Politics Program, Sciences Po, Paris, 2012).