romain di vozzo

DSCN0228I am currently Fablab Project Manager at Université Paris-Saclay and Global Coordinator for FAB14+ (Global Fablab Network Conference) for the Fab Foundation. Between dec 2013 and may 2018 I was an R&D engineer at the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatisme (AVIZ-INRIA and EX|SITU-INRIA) and associate R&D engineer of le Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (HCC). I developed diy art practices at 15 and studied Art History at school during 4 years. At 20, after a car-crash, I decided to dedicate myself to art. I went back to study Contemporary Art and Archeology in Bordeaux with Pr Arnaud Pierre and Pr Jacques des Courtils. But making art was far more interesting, so, during 10 years, I mainly worked as an independent artist in France and abroad and took breaks to work for NGO Greenpeace as a street fundraising manager. Then I studied digital fabrication at the Fab Academy under Neil Gershenfeld’s (Center for Bits and Atoms / MIT, USA) and Anna Kaziunas France’s direction in 2012 at AS220 Fablab in Providence (USA) where I was also an artist in residence. Back to France, I joined SPEAP, the Experimental Master in Arts and Politics for young professionals headed by french philosopher Bruno Latour and Director Valérie Pihet at Sciences Po Paris. I also worked as a video-maker and video-editor on the AIME project at le Medialab Sciences Po Paris. In december 2013 I joined Jean-Daniel Fekete in the AVIZ team at INRIA to launch and run Fablab Digiscope, a digital fabrication facility dedicated to research where I am a Fab Academy Instructor, Bio Academy Instructor, and a Fabricademy Instructor a SuperNode for the Global Fab Academy Network as well as one of the supply-chain fellows for this same network. I am also a Local Community Manager for the open-source 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker. I recently started to collaborate with the World BankFeel free to contact me:, or on LinkedIn. Check here for a complete CV.